Martaba Media

Introduction to Radio/TV Production

Course Content:

  • History and origin of Radio/TV broadcasting in Nigeria.
  • Characteristics, principles, features, and formats of Radio/TV broadcast. 
  • Types of Radio/TV programmes.
  • Stages/processes involved in production and presentation of Radio/TV programmes.  
  • Technologies used in Radio/TV broadcasting.
  • Studio/Production equipment and their uses in Radio/TV production.
  • News sources (press releases, archived news, news tips), news, drama, interview techniques and scripts.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • have a clear overview of what broadcasting is, its history and origin in Nigeria;
  • analyze the characteristics, principles, features and formats of Radio/TV production;
  • identify and evaluate different types of Radio/TV programmes;
  • identify the different stages/processes involved in the production and presentation of programmes;  
  • identify the different technologies used in Radio/TV broadcasting;
  • identify and know the uses of the various studio and production equipment;
  • identify different news sources (press releases, archived news, news tips, social media, etc.); and,
  • effectively write news, drama and interview scripts for Radio/TV production.

Target audience:

New employees of Radio/TV stations and anyone interested in Radio/TV production.